American Healing Art Board Members

Judi Combs, Founder of American Healing Arts Foundation

Judi Combs, Founder of American Healing Arts Foundation

Judi Combs, Founder

Judi Combs, an artist herself and a successful business woman, founded Thunderbird Artists, Arizona Fine Art EXPO and American Healing Arts Foundation.

Her passion for fine art inspired her to develop Thunderbird Artists.   Thunderbird Artists has produced over 289 fine art events over the past 32 years which has attracted millions of patrons who share in her appreciation of the finest art. 

Eleven years ago, encouraged by many participating Thunderbird Artists, Judi, together with her brother Dennis and sister-in-law, Judy, to opened the Arizona Fine Art EXPO.  Since 2005, this 10-week event has given artist an opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a ‘studio environment’ in which they are able to continue create and exhibit their work.


With the ongoing wars continuing from the aftermath of 911, Judi searched her heart for a way to show her support for the U.S. Armed Forces and the men and women fighting for her freedom.  In 2009, she developed the American Healing Arts Foundation by inviting her participating artist to volunteer to teach U.S. Veterans art as form of healing and therapy.  The art classes were overwhelming and life-changing for veterans as well as for the artist instructors.  Classes continue at various locations and include Judi’s vision to build the “Veterans Academy of Art”.


Judy Long, Board Member

Judy Long, Board Member

Judy Long, Board Member

Judy's  business experience started back in 1977 working at her husband's manufacturing company doing his accounts payable. As the company expanded Judy raised their family.  After the youngest left for college she re-entered the work force at a local health club doing both accounts receivable and payable.

Over the years, Judy has been active in their local church as a member of the vestry, leading the Episcopal Ladies Group and numerous fundraisers at our church.  She also took an active role in a guild at a local hospital where she served in various capacities as guild president as well as working in the hospital coffee shop.  These experiences helped shape Judy for the role as Operations Manager at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO, now in it's 11th year.


Dennis Long, Board Member

Dennis started his formal education at Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He worked in the corporate world at U-Haul, Ford Motor Company, and Marmon Motor Company as a mechanical design and test engineer until he went to work for Rockwell International as a sales engineer.  Shortly afterwards he started his own manufacturing company and has been self-employed ever since.  The manufacturing company as a one man shop doing government contracting. Predominantly manufacturing medical products and other military items as well as fabricated office furniture products and components for the office furniture industry.  Dennis built the company up to about 50 employees.  Long has since spent most of his efforts on product design and development in the area of office ergonomics and currently hold 12 related patents.  Most recently, Dennis and his wife, Judy, joined Judi and Roger Combs and started the Arizona Fine Art EXPO where he is currently President.  Dennis has also served for about 8 years on his local church board as a board member as well as the senior layperson.

Flo Blanding

Flo is a graduate of Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin with a major in German and a minor in Business. In addition she has the majority of the credits required for a Masters in Information Science from the University of Wisconsin. 

Flo worked in the computer software industry as a programmer, systems analyst, systems designer, and project leader for 33 years.  As part of her career she was required to serve on numerous committees.  Flo has also served on the church parish council for 6 years and has been the treasurer of Carefree Highlands Homeowner Association for the past 10 years.